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Updated: Mar 2

I will be forever indebted to the homeopathic remedy Proteus which is solely to thank for kicking off my homeopathic career. In my first blog I mentioned ‘that’ first remedy I gave my daughter – which was Proteus!

Witnessing the action of this ‘sugar pill’ (as a sceptic I hasten to add) was phenomenal. Within a few minutes of taking she started complaining her ears hurt. This may sound undesirable but actually a ‘return of old symptoms’ can be a good thing and shows that the remedy is stimulating deep healing. My daughter had always suffered with recurrent ear infections from only 6 months old.

The ear pain only lasted a few hours and then my daughter developed some rashes – again this may sound alarming but they lasted less than 24 hours and her homeopath confirmed that this would simply be her body eliminating toxins and disease. Within 72 hours of taking the remedy my daughter was calmer, happier and more content – just how a healthy 5 year old should be.

The above healing was a fantastic demonstration of Hering’s Law Of Cure (I’ll blog about this in more detail at a later stage). To witness something so physically immediate after the remedy followed by such wonderful lightness and improvement in her emotional state was something I just had to learn more about. I’ve always been curious, academic and scientific in my thinking – and actually isn’t science all about discovering what we don’t already know?!

So what was this remedy Proteus? Proteus is a type of homeopathic remedy known as a bowel nosode. A bowel WHAT you may ask?! Nosodes are homeopathic remedies which are prepared from bacteria, viruses or infected tissues. Sounds gross but the way homeopathic remedies are prepared means that there is no molecule of the original substance left (we’ll discuss later the theories and studies on how they thus work in a later blog but for now trust that they do).

Bowel nosodes were discovered by Dr. Bach – a renowned Bacteriologist at University Hospital London. You could say Dr Bach was ahead of his time. It’s becoming more mainstream knowledge of the importance of good gut health (including the connection to mental health) yet Dr Bach had inklings of this is the 1900s! Dr Bach accepted a post at the London Homeopathic Hospital (still as a regular Doctor) and came into contact with Homeopathic theories. He joined with Dr. Wheeler to make Homeopathic preparations of the Bowel bacteria.

This wonderful group of remedies are amazing at treating a whole range of issues including toxicity, immunity and (obviously) bowel, digestive, lung and skin issues as well as mental disorders. There are around 10 key bowel nosodes, each with their own specific picture, but here I’m going to focus on Proteus.

Suddenness is a keynote of this remedy. A person needing proteus may have a temper that abruptly erupts making those around them feel they are walking on eggshells. It’s useful for extreme children’s temper tantrums – the child who opposes parental control and may throw objects, kick or scream in protest.

This remedy is also useful for emotional hysteria, people who’ve been exposed to traumatic stress and those who like routine or have fixed ways of doing things.

Physically it’s great for helping issues such as hypertension, constipation, headaches, cystitis, seizures, acid stomach and general spasms, cramps, contractures. Of course, a person doesn’t need all these symptoms for proteus to help and this post only touches upon the wide-reaching benefits of this remedy.

So, I will leave it there for now. Thank you proteus for all you have done for me and my family – I shall be forever grateful for opening my eyes to the fascinating world of homeopathy and all it has to offer.

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